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Oklahoma American Advertising Awards - The Addys

The Oklahoma American Advertising Awards honored Chisel Creative with three gold, three silver and two bronze awards at the Addy Awards on Saturday, February 16, 2019. The team is thrilled with the results for their first year of entry as Chisel Creative. The founders have dozens of Addy credits with other agencies, but are ecstatic with the results of the first year for Chisel.

“The importance of creative competitions, such as the Addys, should never be undervalued,” said Chisel Creative Co-Founder, Amy Blackburn. “Its an opportunity to network with our peers, glean inspiration by seeing others’ outstanding work, and truly celebrate the industry we all love.”

The Chisel Creative team took home the following awards:

  • Gold ADDY Award: Public Service Non-Broadcast Audio/Visual - Filling the Void

  • Gold ADDY Award: Cinematography, Single - Filling the Void

  • Gold ADDY Award: Video Editing - Filling the Void

  • Silver ADDY Award: Stationery Package - Hermosa Salon

  • Silver ADDY Award: Advertising Industry Self-Promotion, Collateral - Chisel Creative

  • Silver ADDY Award: Integrated Brand Identity Campaign - Hermosa Salon

  • Bronze ADDY Award: Specialty Advertising - Hermosa Salon

  • Bronze ADDY Award: Logo Design - Auxin  

“We wouldn’t be celebrating if it weren’t for our outstanding clients and strategic partners. We are so grateful for their continued commitment to creating great work,” said Dan Martel, Chisel Creative Co-Founder.

Co-Founder Tony Ortega remarked, “I always leave the ADDYs feeling motivated to win more, and inspired by all of the other great work that gets celebrated.”